Qutub MInar - Alai minar

Qutub Minar Part II – The Alai Minar

Looking at that incomplete structure standing lonely and sadly, I felt pity for the one who started this venture.  It almost looked as if God wanted to punish him for being so proud of his achievements.  It is a fate that almost all who want to show off and brag about their successes ultimately receives in this world.   The one who felt that I can build better and show the world who is mightier has had to taste its ridicule even after generations have passed!!
The Qutub Minar Part II – Alai Minar was started by Alauddin Khalji who usurped the Slave dynasty and wanted to build something bigger and better than the Qutub Minar in the same complex.   The building construction started with almost double the diameter and was also visualised to be of double the height of present day Qutub Minar!   But Alas, the construction was left incomplete as he died immediately after the construction started and his successors were never interested in taking this up and completing it.
Standing in the same complex, it is an eye sore but a reminder for all the mighty and powerful, of what it could all turn out to be… unfinished and unsightly!