Kovalam Beach, Kerala

Kovalam Beach, Kerala


Kovalam is one of the famous beaches of Kerala and almost everyone in the country has heard or know about this famous beach.  A lot of people hold it as a cherished dream to atleast once visit this famous spot.   Even though we reside in Delhi for the most part of the year, because we are keralites, we get to travel to Kerala couple of times in a year and have been able to make it possible to visit this beach more than once.

We have visited many beaches in Kerala but this beach is different.   It is a small and compact one and one of the most important things that stand out in my mind is that it has black sand.

Kovalam is a beach town in Trivandrum.  It is a crescent like beach lined with coconut palm trees.

Beaches are always fun.   Looking at the waves coming with such force and might gives a little thrill going down the spine.   The foam and the froth that hits us as we stand on the beach waiting for these waves is exhilarating.
The sands from beneath our foot gets washed away and we feel like floating without actually floating. It is scary and yet very exciting.  Children have fun but the gaurds at this beach are very strict and vigilant and don’t let people go far away from the beach.
There is a red and white striped lighthouse to the left of the beach that keeps a watch over the sea .
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